Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{miss lilly}

I can't help but add a few more of Lilly.  This little miss has gone through so much in her 4 years of life, and yet has a charm and spunk about her that makes her shine like crazy.  After my experience with last years heart gallery kiddos (see them here) and meeting Lilly a few weeks ago, I am certain there is just something different about these young lives.  I work with tons of children.  And they are ALL so very special in so many ways.  But really, there is just a spark about these heart kiddos that makes me smile & cry at the same time with a warmth inside that makes me see how precious life really is. 

Miss Lilly, you are a little miracle and I am so blessed to have met you!!

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Jessica said...

Thank you for such a wonderful day!!! Lilly still talks about her "photoshoot"!