Wednesday, December 12, 2012


super sweet mama & her babes.  wish i had gotten to spend more time with them.  why does dark happen so early in the winter?!?!

but still....

it got just dark enough at the end for some fun silhouettes.  not a bad way to end a session!  i love me some good silouettes!! (yes, i had to google how to spell that).  :-)

friend - your spirit outshines your trials.  thank you for sharing it with all those around you.  in your joy, your pain, your helplessness, your smiles, your grief, and your new normal....thank you for sharing your soft heart and your strength.

please, let's do this again.  whenever your heart can handle it - whenever you want new pictures - whenever you find beauty in your new normal and want to document camera and i will meet you.  


1 comment:

Laurel C. said...

Oh! These silhouettes are beautiful! I love the level of detail captured with the hair and the grass blades.

Amazing pictures!