Friday, August 30, 2013

r & k | colorado springs maternity photographer

One of my most favorite things as a photographer is when I get to 'follow' and document a baby.  From belly, to birth, to teeny smooshy newborn....and each precious milestone after that!  So when R & K asked me to do just that, I didn't hesitate to say YES!  :-)  So here's the beginning.  The sweet baby girl in her mama's belly.  Next up - the special day she makes her entrance into the world!  I'm excited to get the call that she's on her way...and excited I'll have a brand spank'n new camera in my hands when I head to the hospital!!  This little miss will be the first little one to help me test the phenomenal low light capabilities of my new toy.  :-)  I'm excited!!  Can you tell?!?  Enough of my tangent.  Here's R & K at the start of their journey as parents!

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