Thursday, May 3, 2018

.still on hold.

It's hard to believe over 4 years have passed since we moved to FL.  Here we are now, back in CO for an entire year already.  I assumed I'd start the photography business back up as soon as we moved back, and unfortunately that has yet to happen. Still got that camera in hand, (though not enough), taking pictures of my kids and our life. Still doing sessions for family and friends here & there.  Maybe, one day, I'll start the biz back up again.  For now, this blog is still on hold.  Thanks for understanding, thanks for all your support, and thanks for your incredible patience!

Florida was amazing.  No surprise there! I adored all the opportunities for dreamy beach sessions...

I flew home to Colorado every Fall to do a weekend rush of Christmas Card sessions for a handful of fabulous friends.  Here are just a few of my favorites from those trips:

Thankfully, there are always bitty babies being born, so I got at least a few of my favorite type of session in during my break...

And I even got to do a wedding in Utah...(weddings are my second favorite type of session, second only to the bitty babies).

So...there's a sampling.  I'll be back at some point.  And I'll still be posting friend/family stuff on my Facebook page, so feel free to follow me there:

KristiAnne Photography Facebook Page

For now, I'm going to continue enjoying this season of life with my kiddos.  The crazy, whirlwind, they-grow-too-fast season.

See you soon! :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

{goodbye, colorado}

Big news!

We're moving.

Off to beaches, sand, & sun....and bugs & humidity & hurricanes.  ;-)

I am so thankful for all of you - my clients, my friends.  You have been so faithful, so encouraging, and such a big part of my journey in photography.  Know that I will miss you dearly!!

I am no longer taking new sessions.  :-(  But please follow my facebook page (listed in the post below) to see about some upcoming mini sessions in June.

And I'll be back.  Three-four years and we'll be back to the best state on the planet.  :-)

Should you find yourself in FL, let me know.  I'll always be up for a beach session!!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

{brand new}

One day, when my babies are grown, I hope to be able to offer more birth sessions.  Either that, or I'd love to be a nurse in labor & delivery or the NICU. :-)  There is something about the birth process, that tiny sweet life being born, that just completely fills me up.  It's incredible, and it's beautiful, and each birth is so very different from the last.  For now, I am so wonderfully blessed to have been part of a few births this year.   The birth of Miss Charlotte was my last one for awhile.  So thankful to her mama & daddy for asking me to be a part of her big day.  Here she is - sweet baby Charlotte!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{facebook page}

Busy busy busy!!!

Not able to keep up with this blog the way I'd like.  To see recent sessions and updates on the future of KristiAnne Photography in regards to our move, please 'like' my Facebook page!

Click HERE to see my Facebook page!


And, because I just can't post without a picture.... :-)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

{hello winter} | colorado springs photographer

As the winter season has made it's *cold* appearance, so has the super busy holiday photo season!!  I have been awful at keeping up with blog posts.  I post more on my Facebook page, so be sure to follow me there ------> click here to see my facebook page, then 'like' it!!   

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful families & kiddos that have kept me super busy these days:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

{the c family} | colorado springs family photographer

I love meeting new families, and I love being able to see each child's personalities after just an hour together.  Sweet, clever, funny, and loving -- a little bit of shyness, and a little bit of spunk all rolled into one.  Loved this session with this beautiful family!!