Thursday, August 13, 2009

a time for everything...

Hi friends!

I am sad (yet somewhat relieved) to say that I will not be scheduling any more sessions until November. Life has gotten rather hectic, and we have a lot going on in the next few months. I am still commited to making my family first - before the two part time jobs - and that is becoming increasingly difficult. When that happens, I am finding a good break helps balance out my priorities and get a little bit of peace in play again. This will be a longer break than normal, and I am hoping once it's over I'll be excited to get going again! For now, I have a TON of pictures to edit (so plenty of sneak peeks coming!!) including my own kiddos pictures. Once those are all done I'll have a few weeks to 'breathe' and we'll get back in the saddle at that time.

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to November!!

~ kristi

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Pam Linfitt Photograpy said...

Enjoy your break, Kristi! We all need one now and again, and yours is well deserved!