Thursday, February 25, 2010

{ albuquerque 4 of 10 }

I had a blast meeting this little sweetheart! Big blue eyes and a big handful of sweet expressions....if you can look at these pictures and avoid a smile, you are cRazY!!! :)

Thanks to little Miss S and her parents...I hope to see you next time I visit NM!


TK-8541 said...

Thank you sooo much Kristi! You really captured our little girl and her wonderful (I know I'm biased) personality! :D

Ruth said...

These are beautiful!! I'm Ruth--the gal that made these headbands for baby S! Kristi Ann, is there any way I could post your pics (with your watermark of course) on my FB fan page or blog?


DesignGuy2006 said...

These photos are amazing! (I'm a little less biased than Noel), but I do know the beautiful little girl.
And he's right - you totally captured her personality.

Kristi Steeger said...

Thanks for the kind words!! This little beauty made it quite easy! :)

Ruth - you are more than welcome to link to my site! I can add your link to this blog post, too. Feel free to email

Thanks all!!