Thursday, March 4, 2010

getting ready for SUMMER???

I cannot believe we are less than 2 weeks away from Daylight Savings....where did the winter go??? As I look to my Spring Schedule, things have booked up really quickly. To fill you all in:

March is currently FULL.

April has 2 openings left.

May is a 'hiatus.' Too many family activites have already filled the calendar.

SOOO....I'm currently booking for June. Please email me asap if you'd like to snag a spot! I'm thinking of picking two days, as well, to do a handful of sessions at a given location. This will either include a 'mini package' with a 'mini price' or a full price with a full length session. I'll be in touch on that!!

Thank you to all my clients - though it's overwhelming, it's exciting to be filling up this quickly!

And I guess I can't really handle posting without including a's a shot from last Summer. This is Willow. My best friend's cat. Now, I'm not really a cat person. In fact, this cat in particular has a knack for making me nervous. But I happen to love this picture. :) Such a handsome kitty! IF I ever branched out and did some pet photography, I might even include cats in my clientelle. Haha! Anyhow....

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