Friday, April 2, 2010

double the baby :: double the sweets

This was my second session with newborn twins....these little guys were actually 7 weeks old...and it was just as much a challenge as the first! But my GOSH these guys were sweet!! It helps that their mom is a long time ago friend of mine. Cuz I took every chance I could to snuggle on these two.

J & C have a story - a fantastic story. They are little miracle babies and as the year goes on and I get to photograph them more, perhaps Mom will let me share a little. Both these babes are an amazing blessing and I'm so glad I will get to play a part in capturing their growth over the next year (and least until we move away!).

Thanks to K & M...I am so glad the timing finally worked for me to get up there. I pray you are getting much needed sleep and are enjoying those little babes immensely!!!


areimer said...

Oh my gosh! They are so precious!

mde said...

Thanks Kristi. These are great. They are pretty good looking boys, but I'm a little biased.