Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy birthday little champ

Ten years ago this big handsome pup of ours was born. About 6 weeks after that, we took him home with us. If you have ever seen the movie "Marley and Me," that's just about what we've lived through with this dog. From swallowing beach towels and having them surgically removed from his intestine, to digging out of any constricted area, to slobbering and mouthing every person he meets, to running free in the neighborhood everytime he gets the chance...he's kept us on our toes.

Do we normally celebrate our dog's birthday? No. :) But this year is special. He has bone cancer and has just a few months left, if we're lucky. He's a champ, as his name means (Carlin ~ little champ). On perscription meds his pain has been gone...up until the last few weeks. The pain is starting to peek through the meds. But he's still smiling. And getting into the pantry to steal treats. :)

So, we celebrated his birthday. Kassidy is the other reason we did this - she thinks everyday should have a reason to party. :) We made him is own special doggy treat, complete with frosting and a few sprinkles. He enjoyed it muchly...and shortly after he dug into the tightly closed lid of treats to sneak a few more.

Happy Birthday, Carlin. We love you. And we're enjoying every last minute we get with you!


Pam Linfitt Photograpy said...

Oh Kristi...this post, along with this song... I was moved to tears! He is a beautiful dog, and I hope he has given you enough memories that you are able to smile when you think of him, long after he's gone.

Kristi Steeger said...

Me, too, Pam. :) Thank you!