Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My first experience with birth photography was fantastic! Aside from missing the birth (labor was faster than anyone expected!), and a nurse that made certain i didn't take any pictures from the nursery window (darned hepa laws)....it was a blessing to meet 1 hour old Hudson and take a few pictures for him and his family. I enjoyed every minute of it. There is just something about brand new babies & the whole experience of labor & delivery that makes me certain this is something i will one day offer. For now, my family schedule is not quite flexible enough. I've got many a friend having babies soon and they are willing to let me practice on them....so i'll stick with that for the time being! THANK YOU so much to Hudson and his family for being brave enough to let me try it out on you. Enjoy your growing family!!! I am excited to gift you with a free session as a BIG THANK YOU. You can redeem it at any time in Hudson's first year. Many, many thanks to you all!!!

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