Monday, November 14, 2011

.sweet baby caileigh.

sometimes life stinks.  punches are thrown and you just can't figure out why.  but amidst it all, there is joy in the little things.  especially little things like miss caileigh.  my heart hurts for my dear friend and her family as they struggle through some big life stuff.  but i know that God is sovereign and has a beautiful plan laid out for them.  it may not be easy getting there, but they will.  and while they battle through it all they get to enjoy two absolutely beautiful miracles.  a brand new little miss and her beaming big brother.  *love*

much love and many hugs to you, friend. thank you SO much for flying me to your home to not just take pictures but enjoy much needed time with you and your new precious babe. i enjoyed every minute of it. even the icky first trimester blues felt easier to handle just cuz i was with you. LOVE you, friend!!!!

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