Thursday, June 14, 2012


so three and a half weeks isn't the best time for newborn pictures - 2-10 days old is ideal.

maybe it's cuz he was 3 weeks early.

maybe it's cuz he was especially sleepy.

maybe it's cuz he knew a few more rolls on the cheeks would make for great photos.

or maybe it's cuz he's just a stinking perfect baby.  :-)

whatever the reason, his 3 week newborn session was ideal.

my bestie from california came to visit and brought her super cute props and we had a splendid time taking pics of this little guy. 

wanna see the pics she took?  look here.  she rocks.  when she moves back to CO we're going into the biz together.  :-)

so anyhow.  here he is.  my perfect little man.  :-)

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