Friday, April 1, 2011

colorado springs family photographer | {the r fam}

one of my favorite parts of my job as a photographer is the people i meet.

especially when a client becomes one of my dearest friends. =-)

this little man has become a regular on my blog, and i do admit he's one of my favorite kiddos to photograph.

this session was no exception.

his daddy is deploying to afghanistan in a week. he'll be gone 6 months.

and his mommy is expecting a baby in 5 months. the math doesn't add up. =-(

the sacrifices of a military family....{sigh}

so before daddy leaves we had some fun with his abu's. and i'm certain no little man can compete with how well this little man pulled this off. =-)

~ to the r family...i am so very thankful for you. thank you for being a great friend, a soldier, and a buddy to my little boy. =-) you will be in my prayers daily - all 4 of you. ~


without further adieu....the cutest little soldier EVER!!! (and his fabulous mom & dad) =-)


Anonymous said...

These are such great photos! My nephew is so cute :). I always enjoy looking at your work, Kristi.

Pam Linfitt Photograpy said...

THe last photo of the little boy standing at the fence... OH MY!!! I love it!! It brought tears to my eyes!!! Every little boy holds his Daddy as his hero, but not every little boy can say his Daddy is a hero to many!! So beautiful!