Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Meet Elizabeth...
At the age of 13, this young lady has survived much and lives daily with more than most her age.

First...a few thoughts from my experience as a mom...
When my daughter, Kassidy, was born prematurely, she was not moving or breathing right away. After I held her for a moment the nurses had to take her away quickly and get the fluid out of her lungs. She had a few problems for the first little bit of her life that caused us to be in the NICU for just over a week. I can very vividly remember the feelings I had as I watched my helpless baby. All the problems she had that first week are now gone, aside from a profound but innocent murmur in her heart. Her issues were minimal compared to what so many more children go through.

With that in mind....

I cannot imagine how some of these parents of babies born with heart defects feel when there baby is taken to surgery. Or when their baby is in congestive heart failure and all they can do is watch and pray that the doctors can revive their precious newborn.

Elizabeth's life began this way. In utero, she was in congestive heart failure. Once born via emergency c-section, her heart had to be started and restarted 3 times to gain a normal rhythm.

Elizabeth was born with Ebsteins Anamoly, L Transposition, Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome, and a small Patent Ductus Arteriosis. Her venticles are reversed - backwards. The strong part of her heart pumps to her lungs, and the weak side pumps to her body.

A few days after we did this session she went in for a procedure to try to correct the WPW (after two unsuccessful procedures).

A life of medicines, doctor's appointments, procedures, and lots of learning about the conditions she has.

The people who love her call her compassionate, tender, loving, giving, and a fighter.

That's Elizabeth.

To Elizabeth - it was an absolute pleasure to meet you! I pray that your recent procedure was successful and that you are medicine-free. In less than an hour I can see what your family sees in you. You are a blessed young lady who is a blessing to all those around you. Thank you!!

PS LOVE the Converse!!!! :) :) Next time bring them ALL!! ;)

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