Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{and baby makes three. and then four.}


dear friends.  huge blessings.


so it's no wonder they'd have another one almost as quickly as humanly possible!!

yep, my lovely friend is pregnant and her little one is only 4 months old. 

she was as shocked as you are.  no wait, probably more.  though i'm fairly certain my level of shock when they told us ranks up there with the most shock a person might have in such circumstances.  :-)

but enough about that.  this post is about baby j - and her 4 month pictures!! 

fast as we could, before the cloud cover was too much and the rain came in, we jumped out back and did a mini session of this sweet family and their little miss!


love you, friends!!

p.s. all you moms with infant/toddler sons...in case you were thinking this sweet babe was good betrothal material for your little man, think again.  braydon has dibs on her.  :-)

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